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im 18 weeks pregnant and only gained 1 pound is that bad

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if the doctor hasnt said anything then i wouldnt 25 weeks and only gained 8pds so far..and idnt know how cuz i eat long as ur eating and taking ur vitamins and growing enuff then i wouldnt worry..ur doc knows whats best for u
Every woman is different.  Don't take to heart what you read on your week-by-week updates saying that you should have gained X pounds by now.
every woman is different, i am on my 29 weeks and i have not gain anything, the same thing happen during my first child too. the doctor told me am ok and the baby is ok too. don't worry yrs is still better.
I Just started to gain weight when i was about 24 weeks, im now 29 weeks and i have gain like 11pounds.
Everyone is different.  As long as your doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be either.  You'll probably start to gain more as your pregnancy progresses and you may just be one of the women blessed with a smaller frame that carries a beautiful, healthy baby while not gaining a lot.  I'm not one of them, so I'm jealous - just kidding!  Eat healthy, take your vitamins and stay hydrated and you & baby should be just fine.  :)

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