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im 20 weeks and cant gain enough weight.....

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im 20 weeks pregnant, i eat as much as i can, i use guidelines from my doctor on what im supposed to consume everyday, but i cant hold weight. i can gain it but i lose it almost as quickly. im a small person, i weighed 113 when we conceived and now im at 114. my weight has gone up and down from 120 to 110. i was told that since im a small person it may be harder for me to gain and keep weight. im just worried that my doctor will think im starving myself because im afraid of getting "fat", and that is completely wrong. ive never had an issue with weight before, i was a healthy active teenager/ young adult. any ideas?

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Im 14 weeks and havent gained any weight either. But im deff eating.. your suposed to eat 3000 calories a day when pregnant.

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