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Im 20 wks & ive noticed that i dont feel he/she move everyday & im not sure if its normal or not...

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I am 23 weeks and I felt my baby move for the first time at 20 weeks. The movement was spiratic and I did not feel her/him everyday at first either. I noticed I felt more movement if I would eat and then lay down.
Babies are quite fussy like that sometimes.  Somedays they may kick you and move so much you want them to stop. lol . Then somedays they may not kick and move as much.  As long as you are feeling the baby move you are doing just fine.  Some women don't feel their babies even move until they are 20 weeks.  It is usually between 16-20 weeks that the baby moves at all.  So I wouldn't worry.  Like I said at least you feel the baby move and that is a very good sign.  I hope that this helped.
Both of my kids worried me to death with their inconsistent movement after 20 weeks and all the way to the end.  Everytime I told my Dr, she did an ultrasound and they were perfectly normal.  During the ultrasounds I could see them moving like crazy, but I wouldn't feel it even while it was happening.  Your baby moves alot even if you're not feeling it.  I am no Dr, but I'd say don't worry-I spent my whole pregnancy worrying and worrying.  If you feel absolutely nothing for 2 or 3 days, I'd get an ultrasound-but chances are really good evertyhing is just fine:)
If this is your first pregnancy, there is no reason to worry if you feel your baby kicking at all at 20 weeks. With my DD I was 22 weeks before I felt the first kick that I could distinguish and only felt a half dozen kicks in the next two weeks. Hard to imagine now, when I'm 22 weeks along with my third non-miscarriage (2nd born) and can't remember when I didn't feel at least a dozen kicks - and at least a couple that made me twitch - each day. Until your uterus stretches out pretty decent, your nerves (outside the uterus)may not feel most of the flips your baby does through all that thick muscle and tissue that makes up the uterine walls.
If you are worried about about lack of movement I say insist on seeing a perinatologist for a more intensive ultra sound.  I did not not feel my baby move very much. My regular ob said the same thing, everything looked fine, she was moving a lot I just was not feeling her.  At my 30 week appointment my ob found  I had way too much amniotic fluid but could not see anything wrong with the baby.  She sent me to the perinatologist, there was a problem and I delivered my baby by emergency c-section at just under 31 weeks.  My daughter died 1 hour and 15 min after she was born.  It turns out she had a very rare disease called Pena-Shokeir syndrom.  It is extremely rare and it is lethal.  One the biggest indicator is lack of fetal movement. I don't want to scare you, but please be proactive!   Although there is nothing they could have done for my baby, I still would have wanted to know.

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