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Im 21 weeks and my breasts are already leaking....

2 answers
Ive been noticing that my breasts are leaking a clear watery fluid. Everything Ive read said colustrum comes in usually after tha baby is born and its a yellowish sticky substance? Is what im leaking colustrum? Is it normal? If it is colustrum will it run out before the baby is born?

answers (2)

its normal to be leaking this early, my friend started at 4 months imnow four months but nothing yet, the colustrum comes in before the milk does, it wont run out dont worry
You should be fine! Mine started doing the same thing around that time. (Im 29 weeks now,and it happens every so often still)I was freaked out...not only had I never had anything leak from my boobs,but I wasnt sure it was a good sign.When I asked my doctor, he told me that it was good news,and it would be likley that I wont have any trouble breastfeeding. so take it as a good sign!the only thing you have to worry about is if the clear fluid turns any weird colors,or bloody. :)hope this helps

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