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I'm 21 weeks and my legs are killing me when i sleep---

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this is my second pregnancy and i never felt this way until my last month when i was really uncomfortable,but lately i cannot sleep due to the fact that my legs hurt constantly and it's only when i lay on my sides. I've tried the whole sleep with the pillow between your legs but that does not help. does anyone have any other suggestions for this problem or what could be causing this pain this early?

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This is also my second pregnancy and I'm having the same trouble. I sleep with a pillow between my legs and doesn't seem to help. I hope you find relief soon since a good night sleep is so important. Good luck with your pregnancy!
I have heard that calcium helps ease leg pains.  Try drinking some more milk during the day. 
talk to your doctor and ask if it could possibly  be restless leg syndrome. i'm overdue right now, but i've had restless leg syndrome since i was 12 so it's nothing i'm not used to. it does seem to be worse with my pregnancy, and i have serious trouble sleeping so they prescribed me ambien to sleep; i don't like the effects that it gives my body, so i don't take it. i just deal with it. if it is resltess leg syndrome, there isn't much they can do about it. they aren't really even sure what causes it.  but, i would def talk to the doctor about it. (this is my first pregnancy, so sorry i coudn't be of more help, but i do know that my mother and mother-in-law said their pregnancies with different genders were extemely different, so, if you had a boy and are having a girl, or vice versa, that may be the issue also.)
Make sure you're getting enough calcium and other minerals. 

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