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i'm 22 weeks pregnant

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is there anything i should be getting out the way for my baby now before the last few months come?

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Everything!  LOL!!!  You are at the half way point, depending on how you are growing it may be more comfortable for you to get everything set up now.  I'm 24 weeks and we are going to wait a bit longer before we start setting things up, but this is our 3rd so we know what to expect and what needs to be done. If you haven't registered, do that.  Start looking into birthing classes, tour your hospital, talk to pediatricians.  Make a list of things you may need to buy if you don't get them as gifts.  Find out if people are throwing you a shower.  Have some date nights!!!  Go see a non animated movie in peace!  lol!  Are you looking for anything more specific?
As much as possible!! The more you get done now the less you will have to once you get further along and start being more uncomfortable.. I woudl do everything possible.. like if you have clothes and stuff already for the baby I personally woudl go ahead and wash everything and put it up to have ready.. we also did our hospital tour around that point as well. Just from experience anything that you want to do before the baby arrives do now.. going shopping for the items that you are purchasing yourselves.. are you having a baby shower? I think we had mine at like 25 weeks with our first baby and I was still able to enjoy myself at that time.. they say that the 2nd trimester is the "honeymoon" phase lol and you better believe it by the time your in your 3rd trimester all those unpleasant things like having to run and pee every 4 seconds are back.. lol and being prepared ahead is never a bad thing.. I was put on restricted activity.. not much different then bed rest dr has said that will be next.. last week at 31 weeks because of pre term contractions so you never know what can happen.. good luck and hope I have been able to help some..
im 21 wks and im trying to do everything now..rather than wait and have to do everything all big and we'll enjoying it more now
It is always good to take your time and enjoy doing the things you have to do instead of having to rush and worry. I would hold off a little longer until you've had a shower or you have gotten the big stuff for baby. I can remember with my last baby I was seriously putting her bassinet up the night before I went to the hospital to be induced! Just think about when you want your shower if you are having one and if not and you are buying things as you go then get it set up as you buy it. Good luck! :)
thanks for all the answers,my doctor reccomended i take a hospital tour the month of the due date but i think doing it now would be better,i'll have alot more energy,and i know some of my family is throwing a shower,just dont know when,so ty :]

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