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I'm 23 weeks along and I'm starting to get these little, red dots on my stomach. they look like blood vessels but I'm not sure.Anyone else?

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They itch for a few minutes but then they it goes away, and I am left with little red dots. I thought maybe it was heat rash... but it's not really a rash.

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It could be stretch marks?  They itch when they come in, and when they first start showing up, they'll look red... if they're really, really big and you stretch way too fast [think overly excessive binge eating like there's no tomorrow], they'll be purple.  My advice would be to invest in some cocoa butter, vitamin e butter, or another pregger stretch mark cream- you won't be able to fully prevent them, but extra TLC to your belly will tone the stretch marks down a bit!!!
It is normal. Small blood vessels may form a red spiderlike pattern on the skin, usually above the waist. These formations are called spider angiomas. Thin-walled, dilated capillaries may become visible, especially in the lower legs.
I had small "strawberries" develop around my breasts and belly. The dermatologist said it was from increased blood flow to this area of my body. Maybe this could be the same thing occuring with you. Hope all is well.
i have the same thing. i find that an oatmeal based lotion or cocoa butter works really good to keep the skin moist and keeps it from itching too much. oatmeal baths like the ones made by aveeno(spelling?) work really well

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