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I'm 23 weeks, is it okay for me to get a bikini/brazilian wax?

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If it were me, No Way!!!!! I don't think there would be anything medically wrong with a waxing, but i bet it will hurt ten times worse than usual. Yikes! With all the increased bloodflow and sensitivity it just sounds like a world of hurt.
That's what I was thinking. Thanks!
I specialize in waxing. I have done it on several pregnant women and have had no problems.Your skin is more sensitive while you are pregnant because of the surge of hormones. Have them put some oil on your skin first. It really helps. It keeps the wax from sticking to your skin. Waxing is uncomfortable, pregnant or not but if you go to someone who really knows what they are doing you have nothing to worry about. I finish a brazillian in about twelve min, a bikini in like three, so just go to someone who does it on regular basis and it will be fast.

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