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Im 23 weeks, not showing and m appetite hasnt picked up, should I be concerned at all?

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Depending on your size it what matters Idont have much an app either but I am at a normal weight for my height the Dr. says and I have went on websites to see where I should be at and it says Iam normal.
You should have already had your 20 week Ultra Sound. As long as everything is looking okay with the baby, then its nothing to worry about. Just be glad YOU aren't putting on the extra weight :o)
I think you are ok.  As long as your doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be either.  For my last 3 pregnancies I have fluxuated my weight I would gain weight then lose it, but the babies were growing just fine and the doctor said everything was fine. Also likes others have said you should have had your 20 week ultrasound and I am sure your baby was fine then.  Also whenever you go to the ob doctor they should be checking the babies heartbeat so again you will know your baby is alright.
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