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im 23 weeks pregnant

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its extremely hard for me to breath when I am not only walking but just sitting too! sometimes it's so bad that I feel like calling my doctor,is this normal?

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I have been feeling the same way!the baby has grown and your lungs have gotten all smooshed tight. im talking to my doctor tomorrow to see if theres anything I can do about it..but I'm pretty sure its just something we have to deal with..
normal..i feel the same way all the time..i get outta breath doing laundry!
Normal and as the baby starts to drop lower and lower your breathing will become less labored, so you won't feel this way for the rest of your pregnancy.  :)
im 5-6 weeks with second and short of breathe already. I remember this being one of the main things i went thru with baby #1 as well. The last post is correct, in your third trimester you will slowly start to notice you can breathe again.
Ugh I feel the same. Its like breathing through a straw at times :(And I have to walk to and  from work (only 2 blocks down the street at the mall) and up 3 flights of steps to my apartment.By the time I reach my door im breathing like I ran 10 miles lol.And the weezing I do form time to time is anoying! lolI talked to my doc and had her listen to my lungs and she said they are fine. but with Asthma I have her check at every visit. But if it stops at  the 3rd trimester oooh baby lets move faster lol...

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