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I'm 24 and my baby is very low. soo low, I can feel him with my hand, kicking just below the bikini area. anybody else?

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Im 21 and 21 weeks... my son is the same way.. I feel him around there
I am 27 weeks and i still feel my daughter kicking me soooo low, right above my pubic bone most of the time, but she also kicks my ribs too
yup me to im 24 weeks also and i feel my baby girl really low ... idk my doc said it was normal... 
yup me to im 24 weeks also and i feel my baby girl really low ... idk my doc said it was normal... 
I'm 23 weeks and my baby boy is also quite low but he flings himself all over! Most of the time I can feel his body pushing against my panty line but sometimes he'll kick or punch near my belly button.  A lot of the time when he I feel him move it's like he's trying to use my insides as punching bags. With the way he moves I think he may be born an MMA fighter!
I feel the same way sometimes i feel like shes giong to pop out of
I'm at 19 weeks, and for a while I was getting wee feet in the top of the cervix - felt really, really weird, like an upside-down pap test (only not as bad, but still, same sensation).  Now it's dancing right above my pubic bone, but was doing barrel rolls in my belly yesterday, then last week kicking my up near my left ribs.  All in all, I think 'everywhere' is normal :)

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