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Im 24 weeks & my stomach will tighten & feel very hard sometimes anyone know what it could be? doesnt hurt just feels a little uncomfortable

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It could be Braxton Hicks contractions. I started getting them right before I hit my 3rd trimester. They didn't hurt, but they got to be uncomfortable sometimes. Switching positions or leaning back usually helped. You might mention at your next appointment that you are having them now and about how often just so the doctor can keep better track of you and your baby.
Yeah, Sounds like Braxton hicks contractions.  I started having those around the 3rd trimester.  My stomach would tense up and then relax.  My doctor suggested to drink more water.  She advised that during the summer months you can become dehydrated faster and then it can cause Braxton Hicks. So, my doctor said that I should be drinking at least a gallon of water a day.  I havent made it to a gallon but I defintely have been drinking more water and it has helped out a lot.
I feel this to.. I am only 21 weeks... is that bad to feel them that early?? I just thought it was the baby sitting right there. Now im a little nervous.
That is definatly Braxton hicks contractions.  It is your uterus practicing & getting ready for labor.  It's happened to me with all 4 babies.  This is baby#5, haven't got em yet but I'm only 18wks.  I know I started to get them before 24wks with my last baby.  I actually carried him all the way to my scheduled c-section date.  It really  helps to drink a glass of water & they say to ly down on your left side.  The left side is better because for some reason ther's more blood & oxygen going to the baby.  If they continue and get closer together & stronger, you might wanna start timming them on paper & if they are consistant, you need to call your Dr. just to make sure it's nothing more.  With my third, after I hit 28wks I kept going into preterm labor.  I really didn't feel it everytime, but these contractions would get stronger & closer together, I would call the Dr. go into the hospital and yup I was in early labor!  They would give me shots of turbutiline, & they'd stop.  I'd stay in the hospital for 24hrs for observation and as long as everything was fine, i'd go home.  They also have this test, it's like a pap smear & it takes an hr. to get the results and it will tell your Dr. if you're gonna go into preterm labor within 14days.  I carried that baby until  35wks, he wanted out.  He was small 4lbs,14oz & he was born with underdeveloped lungs, so they had to transfer him to a childrens hospital about an hr away.  they gave him 2 doses of a medicine called surfactant(it helps the lungs develop) he only needed 2 doses and they are aloud four.  It is a natural substance that is produced in utero at the end of preganacy.  I took him home when he was 2wks old & he's never had any develomental delays.  Don't wanna alrm you, just keep track of them as you get further along.  Good Luck!
Hi , i know this post is kind of old but i was wondering if you could tell me what happened if you ended up keeping your baby or not and how has it been if you have? Sorry im in the same situation right now and i really need some answers . Please help me if you want you can email me at

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