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I'm 28 weeks with my second child. When it comes time for delivery how involved should my son be?

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We are hoping that my mom will be here when she comes but if she doesn't make it in time. When is the right time to let him see his sister, and be in the delivery room if at all?

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This all depends on how old your son is and how excited he is that you're pregnant, if at all.  I don't think under 5 years old should be in the delivery room, maybe even at all until teenage years (and then he won't wnat to be). I think he should see his sister as soon as you and the baby are determined healthy and up for it. The sooner he sees her, the more he will understand about the last 9 months, and perhaps he will be less jealous. Good luck!
My grandmother told me the key to making sure big sibling accepts the baby is to have the baby "give" the elder a present.  We did this with my sons and my eldest still remembers 5 years later what his baby brother got him when he came home from the hospital!  He was there in the hospital when our second son was born.  My parents took him when it was time for the c-section and as soon as the baby was in the window of the nursery he was there to greet him.  A bond ever since!

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