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Im 28 wks and been having cramps and back that normal?

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Really it's hard to stay.  If you are having just an occasional cramp when you stand or move too quickly then it's probably fine.  If your back hurts because you are 7 months pregnant then that's definitely normal.  If you are hurting in a pattern, tummy and back at the same time like a rubber band tightening then that is cause for concern.  If you are nervous or feel like something is wrong, call your doctor.  Try to pay attention to how and when you hurt.  If it's constant then it's more than likely not labor pains, if they come and go even if only minutes apart then you may need to get to your doctor or a hospital.  Not to frighten you, but I went into preterm labor with my first at 29 weeks.  I was a nervous new mom to be and my bp was wayyyy too high and I was overdoing it at work, it all brought on pt labor.  My gut said to call the doctor and I'm glad I did because they were able to stop my labor and I kept my little guy in there until a safe 38 weeks.  Watch your pains and if nothing else go ahead and call your doctor.  They can confirm labor or not and it may help to ease your mind and nerves to know.  I felt more secure when I knew my contractions had stopped, even though they really didn't feel like contractions at the time, it was a back and tummy ache so I didn't know what was happening.  Keep us update!

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