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I'm 29 weeks pregnant. She barely moves if at all. What do i do?!

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My doctor told me to drink a thing of coke and lay in a dark room with no noise and see if she moves then because the coke will give her a caffeine rush and want to move. I tried that and she moved once. Im worried.... What do I do??

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you can just try ice water and lay on your left side usually pisses off the baby because the left side is the best for baby and then u wake up baby with an ice cold when mom threw water on u to get u out of bed..if still no movement call the doctor and insist a stress test..some babies just dont move that often
If she moved at all I wouldn't be too worried. I know that's easier said than done but some babies are very comfy and relaxed so they don't like to move.
get in cold water it works
turn from side to side wait about 20 minuts per side that use to help me
Your baby is most likely moving more than you realize and you may not yet be able to tell.  As she gets bigger the movements will be more noticeable.  If you really want to see and feel movement you could try  laying on your back and pointing a small flashlight to one side of your belly.  Your baby will very likely move to the other side of your belly trying to get away from the bright light.  If your doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be either, especially if your ultrasound has shown your baby as being normal and well.

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