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im in the 2nd trimester

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and i have lower back pain and abdominal cramps is this normal?

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Trust me this is normal! I get both as well. However, if its sharp pain and its constantly there even if you sit down and rest you should bring it up with your doctor when you go see her. Don't be afraid to call and ask either. Thats why they post phone numbers and most aren't so snoody as to ignore a concerned mom. They rather have you concerned than something go wrong. Also just recently (just breeched my 3rd trimester) I started experiencing Braxton-Hicks which are false labor pains. But take it easy if you can. Kick up your feet, try resting or changing positions if your uncomfortable and call your doctor if it get worse or you notice it with either fever or bleeding!
I started having abdominal cramping (dull, achy, peiod-like) at 15 weeks.  My doctor said it was round ligament pain and it usually starts during the 2nd trimester.  I was told to put heat on it, take tylenol, do pelvic tilts and sleep with a pillow between my knees.  Everything helped temporarily, the longest relief came from the tylenol.  I am surprised by how many times i see the question about the lower abdominal cramping after 14 weeks-it seems as if none of our doctors gave us a warning even though apparently it is pretty common. That is unfortunate.
thanks so much! all the advice helped alot!!
thanks so much! all the advice helped alot!!

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