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im 34 weeks with gallstones... and just got out the er for the pains..

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this is my second time i visit the er for these horrrible pains! theyre worst then having a contraction... does anyone have any advice for me on healthy good tasting foods? its hard to be on a diet right now. but this pain is unbearable! please any thing would help... the pains are causing me to have small contractions and the nursse gave me a shot to make them go away... but were afraid theyre coming back..

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I can feel your pain....literally. I was 17 weeks when they discovered I had gallstones and my gallblatter had completly stopped working. They insisted on surgery. I am still takeing the pain killers due to some other issues, related to the surgery. The best thing I can tell you is look up various fat free diets. It should help a little bit.  But now that the stones are there it is going to be very difficult to stop the pain. Stay away from any spicy foods. And stick to as low fat as you can stand. I don't know if your doc will allow it but ask about the risks of taking pain meds. Good luck. If they do decide to do surgery (after the baby is born) Make sure you do your homework on life after gallblatter surgery.
thank you so much that really helps but what do you mean u still have the pains even after surgey ???

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