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Im 34 weeks pregnate always sick and in pain!

2 answers
I have been getting sick a lot these last 2 weeks or so. I am very uncomftbale and cant sit still. Everythign hurts. I feel a lot of pressure lower down and my ribs are killing me. Should i worry or wait a week to talk to my doctour.

answers (2)

I would definitely talk to the dr. You always want to be safe rather than sorry and you seem to be pretty miserable. Don't just sit and be in pain let the dr know. Thats what mine said anyways. I hope you get to feeling better and good luck! :)
I woudl call your dr.. I sat here for a few days and was complaining that I hurt and couldnt get comfortable and I was having cramping that was like menstrual cramping.. but I tohught oh I can wait and talk ot the dr at the next app.. well turned out when I finally called tuesday I went in and was actually having contractions.. thank goodness I didnt put it off any longer.. so I will always tell everyone better safe then sorry now =) good luck!!

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