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I'm 34 weeks prego and was wondering if swimming in a public pool safe

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Should be fine as long as you haven't lost your mucus plug, haven't started dilating or your cervix isn't thinning.  I would check with your doctor before dipping in though.  I was 34 weeks with my last pregnancy and was told I had to stop taking baths because I was already dilating and you let bacteria in once your body starts prepping for birth.  Check with you doctor first because they know where your body is.  :)
I agree that you should check with your dr. Other than that I want to know where you are that still has public pools open! Lol. If you know that none of that is going on I would think it would be ok but the safe way to be would be to check with your dr. Good luck and lucky you that you're so far along! :)
Thanks for your responses.  I will check with my doctor.  We do have indoor pools here at the recreation centers.  Very fun place for the other kiddos.

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