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I'm 35, have had a miscarriage, am I high risk?

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I will be 36 in December, and am about 5-6 weeks pregnant. About 9 years ago, in 2001, I lost a pregnancy in the second trimester, at about 4 and a half months. There was no determination as to the cause. I have no other children, but am concerned that my age and the fact that I had a second trimester loss might cause me to be high risk. I have my first doctor appointment next Wednesday, and will certainly discuss it with them, but was just wondering what anyone else thought? I am SO worried!

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i wouldnt say your high risk, you werent old when u had ur miscarraige. you were ony about 27 right? I had a miscarraige at 20 (im now 21 and preggo again 16wks :) ) . Its very common to have a miscarraige but because ur 36 they might test u for some extra diseases but i wouldnt worry to much. My aunt has a baby at like 38 and everything was fine..just think positive and everything will be ok! i know your probly nervous but just enjot being pregnant. good luck!

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