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I'm 35 weeks and I feel like I'm going to start my period

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Has anyone else felt like this?

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You may be feeling slight contractions or getting ready to give birth...what do you mean you feel like you are going to start your period?  Are you having cramping?  Are you having a new/different or heavier discharge?  You may want to call your doctor if you are having any of those....
It's like that pre-period achy, dull slight cramping.  No new or different discharge.I'm going to call my doctor when he reopens today (he closes for lunch around) and ask him, I just wanted to know if anyone else has felt like this. :)
I get that too! just the period feeling...nothing like bleeding or anything. I've been wondering as well...I kind of thought they were mild contractions getting me ready for the going to ask my doctor at the next apointment.
I hope everything is okay with you (aliciafair too). Good luck!  :)
I am 31 weeks and had been having the cramping kind of like before I would start my period.. I called my dr last week and had to go right in for an appt.. they were contractions.. I now am taking meds every 4-6 hours to try to keep them from getting worse.. I would definitly call your dr and just be sure.. becuase I thought it was nothing really because I wasnt bleeding and it turned out to be something that i am now on restricted activity for =) good luck!
Mrs C - what did your doctor say???  Hope everythign is okay!
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