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im 35 weeks....when should i start packing my hospital bag?

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Now is a good time to start.  You don't want to be packing at the last minute and it's better to be prepared then be scrambling to find things (especially if it's in the middle of the night).  Pack a couple of different size outfits for your little one just in case.  My first was 7lbs 3 oz and the only thing that would fit his skinny little self when it was time to come home was a onsie from my husband's college and I packed it on a lark.  :)  We just so happened to have mine in the car and I went in for a check up and they said well lets go over to the hospital now.  Better to be prepared!
deff. now..never know if the babys going to come early and its better to be prepared. good luck!
I would start now so you can take your time and pack everything you want to take for you and the baby. That way you should be done way before the due date in case your little one gets in a hurry or strikes in the middle of the night. It's better to be prepared but it's also better to be able to take your time and be picky about what you take.
yes its a good time to start packing cuz you could go into early labor
I would start now with a good list of everything you want to bring for labour and the first day with the new baby. I would try and have the rest (car seat, baby stuff) ready but not drag it in to the hospital right away. Labour is not the time for baggage. Pack what you will not need before hand now and make sure the rest is ready to go.Make sure to pack an extra big bag since they send you home with a lot of extras.

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