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im 37 weeks now and i have been feeling very off...

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im 37 weeks and feeling nauseous, light headed, been getting very bad headaches everyday. i have also been getting period like cramps but much more intense. i have also been leaking a little bit of fluid. i feel like i have to go to the bathroom and then only a little bit of fluid comes out.

answers (4)

you might be going into early labor call the docter immediately
Also if you're having problems with seeing spots with those headaches it could be pre-eclampsia. I would definitely talk to the dr. asap! Good luck, hope you feel better soon.
head aches and spots in vision are signs of pre-eclampsia or pregnancy enduced high blood pressure which untreated could be life threatining to baby and mother as blood pressure when elevated can cut off nutrience and oxygen to baby and also can cause mom to have a ceasure or should see your doctor immediatly
I am 36 weeks now and was taken out of work and put on bedrest at 34 weeks because of the same symptons. They are signs of preeclampsia and you def need to call your doctor to get checked out!

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