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im 39 weeks im really nervous whats labor really like????

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ill be having the baby soon im excited about meeting the baby but scared about labor whats it like

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Have you seen a new doctor yet, because I think I would request a new one and set up the appointment immediately explaining that you have no idea how far along you really are.  Going back to one of your first posts you were finally 7 weeks about 5 weeks ago.  That's a huge difference!!!  I would not have the person that screwed up so bad delivering my baby; I just don't think I would feel comfortable with that.  Let us know if you find a new doctor for could be everyone in their office is nuts!
Reading this is utterly hilarious. First of all, Nita, you keep spelling DOCTOR wrong. Secondly, there's absolutely no way one doctor will tell you you're 18 weeks, then another one says you're 39. If a real (not made up for attention) OB tells you that, they should lose their medical license. There are too many flaws with your story. No doctor would get the weeks wrong by that many and then also tell you the wrong sex. Aren't you like 14 anyways?


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