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im 39 weeks my due date is oct.2 what should i pack in my bag

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its a little boy im gonna name him drake ryan what should i take to the hospital when i have him

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well.. my friend had her baby and he ended up being 11lbs! None of the clothes she brought fit him at all... I would bring 2 or 3 outfits of different sizes incase. cause her family had to run home and get bigger clothes. plus there is this.
yup no problem =) congrats
Another mom to be, Nita24, was going to name her baby Drake...are you the same person with a new name?  Funny that there's 2 people thinking about naming their babies Drake! 
it is funny but im not nita24 just alot like her
something comfortable for you, your own pad (you  dont want the super big ones they give you in the hospital) Your toothbrush and stuff to take a shower after you have the baby, all your girl stuff, a change of clothes for your husband, and his stuff( deoderant , toothbrush, blah blah) and for your baby, a onsie, socks, a soft blanket, maybe a sleeper cause they keep hositals cold to keep down germs, a pacifier in case you wanna use the ones the hospital gives you, and the lotion you want for him. Some babies skin will peel when they come out because theyre used to being in liquid for 9 months unless you want to use the hospitals. Thats what i took for my babies when I had mine

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