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i'm 5 days late am i pregnate i took a test it said no

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u could be or couldnt the htc levels have to be high enough for the test to read and usually that takes a month i would wait at least 3 weeks before u test again or wait to get a period. sometimes yoour cycle can mess up . good luck
buy clear blue test there the best i bought the digital reading one test first thing in the morning your htc levels are the strongest with the first urine in the morning.
I bought a cheep one.. acutally i took 4 lol... but take it first thing in the morning, also some hospitals will do it for free... once my test said pos. I went to the hospital and they did mine for free..
Just wait a couple of weeks, the ovulation time for each woman is different you may only be two weeks along. Wait about two weeks test again, if the test is negative and you haven't started scedual a doctor's appointment they can do a urin and/or blood test. If your not pregnant then you and your doc need to figure out why you don't have a period.Good luck!
i found out i was pregnant 2 days before i was supposed to miss my period. i would test again within a couple of days, if it says no then maybe its just late. if ur worried then go to the doctors and have then do a blood test. the urine tests that the do at the office arent much diff from the home ones we use. but dnt wait to long cuz if u r u want to start prenatal care asap
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