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im 5 months and my baby weighs 10oz? is that good or bad??

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itz my 1st pregnancy and i need to now everythin abut everythin

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If your doctor told you that your baby in fact weighs 10 oz, and he/she didn't tell you that you're resitricted to bedrest and can't lift your remote, then it's probably okay.  The baby is literally a growing shrimp inside of you until the last few months, or the last trimester, where he/she gains the most weight rapidly [and you will too!].  A good book to read if you're really looking to get lots of info is "What to Expect While You're Expecting"... you can get it at any bookstore, Babies R Us, a used bookstore and  They also have a website that gives more in- depth info than this one, it's  It really helped me stay sane during my 1st pregnancy.
You are fine. At 20 weeks the baby is expected to way between half a lb and a whole lb.

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