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Im 5 months pregnant and my cat will not stop jumping on my stomach. She pounces then takes off. Why does she do this?

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I honestly think pets (cats in particular) can sense when you are pregnant!!! I may sound crazy... but as soon as we found out I was pregnant (both times) we noticed our cat was more attentive to me. It was like she went from being a solitary type cat (never really wanting to sit on my lap or anything) to being a cuddly cat!! She always wants to be around me now. So maybe your cat is noticing the changes with you...? Maybe I'm crazy, but that's my theory! :)
I agree. Maybe your cat knows you're pregnant. My husband and I have two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Bullmastiff puppy, and the shepherd will poke me in the belly with her nose where the baby is, and the puppy used to try to lay on my lap with his head on my stomach so he could "hear" the baby. I wouldn't really worry unless her pouncing on your stomach starts to hurt.
With my last pregnancy a yr ago, my husband & I took 2 kittens from my sister when I was around 9wks.  The cat my husband picked out as his, was always with me.  She would ly against my lower back when it hurt, then she would sleep beside my stomach & purr when the baby moved.  I kept joking to everyone that I needed to find a stuffed cat that purred to put in the bassinet when the baby was born.  I actually have pictures of her on my stomach  a few days before my son was born.  The problem was that after I had the baby, I stayed in the hospital from Monday-friday.  I brought the baby home & locked the cat outa my bedroom.  I think she got really jealous cuz she started urinating all over my stuff & the babies.  i brought her to the vet & she didn't have any medical problems, they said she was acting out.  I couldn't take it anymore, about 2 months ago I had to give her away.  The other cat we got had kittens in April and we kept one, now she's almost 4 months old & she is my son's BF.  she lets him pull at her & grab her & she will not scratch him, she just walks away when it gets too much for her.  This time I'm 18 wks pregnant right now & my older cat is expecting kittens any day.  She does ly on the couch beside me & visits me in my bed at night, I guess she thinks that we have something in common.  I get the most attention from my parent's dog, Trudy.  She's a golden labordor retreiver who is 4 yrs old.  She had a litter of 6 a few years back be fore my parents adopted her, now she's spayed.  She definatly know I'm pregnant, everytime I see her, she gets so excited licks my face then she puts her ear to my stomach, it's so cute!  Your cat definatly know you're pregnant & she's just probably trying to find a way to get closer to you.  Good Luck!
I agree!  I am 6 months pregnant with our first and although our 2 year old Kitty has always been attentive, she is much more so now.  I love it, she makes me very happy when she cuddles with me.
my boyfriend's cat didnt really like to lay on my tummy till when she knew i was preg, now every night she lays on my tummy even sometimes when the baby is moving during the day she will come to me and meow for me to pick her up. I really think cats know when your preg. My boy cat however he will just sniff my tummy he dont lay on it because i think he is scared he would hurt me. But he lays next to me and purs with his head next to my tummy. Cats have a way of knowing things like this i belive.
well cats just stare at me like they wanna attack me my mom and my grandma says that a cat can sense the baby and the milk in your breasts. i call them crazy but everybody tells me that so i guess they arent crazy but yeah i think thats the reason why your cat does that so my mom and grandma says.
Hi, I have a VERY private 5 year old female cat.  She is the type that will let you know when she wants attention and even then only requires about 30 seconds of it.  She had never slept in bed with us.  We rescued her as a kitten.  Well, My wife and I got pregnant 8 months ago and this cat will not leave her alone now.  She's always meowing at her and now takes her cat naps in bed with us at night.  For about 6 months she would fall asleep on the top of my wife's pillows/head.  She recently stopped because momma is too uncomfortable and keeps moving a bunch.  This is all the proof I need to see that tells me cats know when you ladies are pregnant.  Animals have that natural sense I guess
I'm 36 weeks and 2 days and my kitty is 4 years old and is usually really hyper and is curious about every little thing he hears and isn't very cuddly. But for a week now he's been cuddling up with me in bed or where ever I lay and lays on my stomach. If I'm on my side he'll still manage to get up and lay on top of me and follows me everywhere I go. Cats can tell when you're pregnant especially if ur moving around slower and can't bend over (like me) to pet them.

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