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I'm 5 weeks 3 days preggo! It's my first baby! I am having slight sharp pains/cramps in my abdomen and up through my bottom! Is this normal?

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Please help! I'm a little worried because my mom had a miscarriage before.. I don't know if it is heriditary? Thanks

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I experienced the same thing when I was about 5 1/2 - 6 weeks along. My doctor told me that it was probably implantation and that as along as I wasn't bleeding not to worry. I hope this helps and as always I would suggest calling your doctor just to make sure.Jen
I myself am 7 weeks pergnant and have been having the same thing happening, i was told by my doc that it's just my uterus growing and that it's very normal. But I would suggest talking to your doc if it's real bad and just watch for bleeding and good luck!!
listen to your body if you are worried you should call your obgyn or go to the emergency room it is better to be safe than sorry. i have had alot of trouble during my pregnancy due to galbladder problems and a few scares and they always told me if i wasnt bleeding or something like that then i should be okay.
I also had the same thing even the bottom part!  It never lasted long only a few seconds but it was pretty uncomfortable. Anything strong though like feeling like you have to go to the bathroom or pain that seems verrrry strong. But same as everyone else said make sure you follow up with your doctor.

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