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I'm 5mths pregnant and I'm showing but my belly is still kinda it normal not to show alot at 5mths?

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I think it's totally normal.  I had a really small bump when I was 20 weeks and most people probably just thought I was slightly chubby.  Now I am 24 weeks and it has definitely become obvious that I am expecting.  Alot will change in 4 weeks = )
I didn't show til 6 1/2 months with both my son and daughter, and both were small, yet healthy babies.  Some women are lucky due to the fact they can carry babies well, others with small frames and narrow hips are prone to show sooner.  You might read that you 'should' be showing at week 'x', but really, there's no requirement as to when you need to 'look' pregnant.  If you're still wearing some of your pre-pregnancy clothes, rock it!
it is totally fine, you will wake up one morning and let's just say you belly will pop out there. I did not show with my daughter till I was almost 5 months and with my son I poped over night at 6 months.  It was so funny I woke up one morning and my belly had just became bigger.  Some people do not get huge and some get very big.  I hope this helps.
With my first you couldn't tell i was pregnant till the 8th month. I was at my skinniest too so i think that has something to do with it. Now i'm pregnant with my second and a little heavier this time around so at 5 months, i'm definetly showing but could still be mistaken as chubby too. Depends on the person and is entirely normal as long as the doc says your baby is growing as he/she should be:)
I'm in the beginning of my fifth month and I'm not showing at all and this is my third pregnancy. It all depends on your body, I wouldn't be consurned unless the doctor says there is anything to worry about.
My problem is sorta the same and sorta now. I am 5 months too and my stomach is HUGE! But I am underweight. I only gained 4 pounds during my WHOLE pregnancy. They said its competely normal because not everyone is the same :)

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