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I'm 6 weeks along in my pregnancy, and I seem to have lost my appetite! I've been using my juicer to get my veggies and fruits I need, but you cant stick meat and grains in a juicer....any advice how i can get my appetite back?

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It happens to all of us at one point or another.   All you can do is take your prenatal.  Keep drining the vegetable and fruit juices.  Even if not hungry eat just a tiny piece of meat for every meal.  Eventually your appetite will come back.  I would also discuss this with my ob doctor and see what they say.  I hope this helped.
You might start to hate your favorite foods, that's normal.  The aroma of different foods may also make you sick from across the room, it's all normal.  It'll come and go, just remember to keep eating what you can stand or keep down.  Keep taking your vitamins, but try to keep everything balanced. 
Any meat made me want to gag in the first Trimester. Just look up things that are good sources for the things you need.  Ex. peanut butter is a good source of protein even if you can only stomach small amounts.  Take your prenatal and do what you can, but your body will give the baby what it needs.
it will return with avengance in no time... i'm sure of it.  I went through this stage as well in early pregnancy... now at 7 months having only gained 15 lbs so far i'm glad i didn't pack on the lbs too early since now i feel like eating everything in sight.  Just listen to your body.  It will tell you what it needs. Just make sure you continue to get your water, fiber, etc.  I did alot of smoothies.  You can also munch on nuts, sugar snap peas (i love them frozen), etc to get your protien in a "snacky" form.  They also have a new yogurt out I think by Yoplait called "Greek" that has a TON of protien in it (12 g to be exact)... perhaps you could use this to make your smoothies with your fruits.  I've done that as well and it's SUPER tasty!

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