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Im 6 weeks and having sharp pain periodicly with no bleeding but Im worried. This is my second pregnancy and it feels totally different.

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where is the pain?
I'm having the same thing and it's in my abdomen. IThis is my second baby. I'm 6 weeks as well. After doing some research I read that it is normal to have this and it is mostly from stretching of muscles and ligaments. I've read that it can also be more pronounced with second and third pregnancies. I'm not a doctor but I just thought I'd share the research since just a couple days ago I was wondering the same thing...
I am on my 4th pregnancy and that pain sounds totally normal to me.  I had that with all my pregnancies and yes it is just stuff stretching and you uterus stretching.  I would let you ob doctor know about this though just so that they know.
I experienced the same thing during my second doctor assured me that it was prefectly normal and there was nothing to worry about. I suggest talking to your doctor about it, just so that you feel better & they are fully aware of what is going on.

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