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I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and my back has been really bothering me, also been having mild pains in my lower stomach, any advice?

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Also, this is my first pregnancy.. and I'm so nervous. My back only bothers me when i'm at work when i'm standing up (the whole time i'm at work). Should I continue working or should I quit my job?

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I had this same problem when i was about 12 weeks, and this is my first child also. My doc told me to take extra strength tylenol for the back pain and then did a urine check because of the stomach pain. Turns out i had my first urinary tract infection, he said its very common with pregnancy. You should ask ur doc to check for it. He also said some of the cause of my cramping was due to the uterus stretching.hope this was helpful :)shay
Yes that does help a lot.. but is it possible to lose the baby with UTI?
im 6 weeks to and my back has been bothering me and im not working so i think u should continue working
idk if its possible but ive never heard of that happening, jus bear with it an by the time ur 12 weeks the miscarriage rate goes down to almost 1%. thats what my doc told me

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