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I'm 6wks prego and very much over weight. I would like to start losing some weight without putting myself in risk is that possible?

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Is that possible?

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under the "Pregnancy" section of the website, click on the tab that says "eating well".  There is a whole section that is about being "Overweight and Pregnant: Dos and Don'ts" that was really helpful to me.
i was in the same situation, i was overweight at the begining of my preg. my doc. told me to  gain 10 or less pound thru my preg. i am 20 wks now and in still loosing weight, im not in any diet, just eating well cut calories but still make sure to get healthy meals. im now 20 wks and i weigh less than wat i did before being pregnant. though my belly is really growing im still loosing weight. also before i didnt have any execise and now i do.
whaaaaaat you guys lost weight while pregnant!?! I'm  also over weight and well I'm now 8 months but I was told not to worry about gaining weight but that i should watch what I eat and do moderate excersie. In the begging of my pregnancy I was very active and walked all the time. But since mid-way through my 6 months I've become to tired or in constant discomfort that i've completely  stoped and i've exceed the gaining of 15lbs only....i've gained 18lbs. so, tell me lady what are you doing to lose weight? I already eat healthy and even though i've stoped walking...i walked alot in the begging and i still didn't lose weight?
Im overweight and 9 weeks prego, Ive lost around 7-10 lbs just in a month ( morning sickness helped with that some) Im trying to eat better, and i walk with my little boy for at least 30 minutes a day... I would like to lose weight , but just getting the habit of doing all this is what im really aiming for, so hat after i have this baby, i can lose weight an really excerise! So just watch what you eat and try to get back active!! Just walking helps!!

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