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I'm almost 38 weeks along. I'm dialated to 2.5 and 80% effaced,

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&& I've already lost my mucous plug. At my next OB appointment [which is the 10th] if I'm dialated more is it a possibility he will induce me? or is it more likely that hell wait it out. If so, how long do you think that will take? This is my first baby and I'm kinda clueless.

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I have an appt tomorrow too. More than likely he will NOT induce you. Doctors normally prefer to wait a while with first timers. Though my doctor said that he could scrape my membranes which could further along my progress. That COULD make you go into labor that day so its really something you should just talk to your doctor about, but unless there is a medical need (or you have a deployed husband who will only be home for a short time) you will prolly just have to wait it out til about 41 weeks if you dont go into labor naturally. Good luck with your appt tomorrow! :)

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