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I'm almost six months pregnant and I am overweight, I started eating better but my blood sugar keeps dropping. Any tips on keeping it level?

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I can't afford to gain any excess weight with this preg. I am eating natural foods and healthy meals so I don't want junk, but the doc doesn't want me to gain more than fifteen but my blood sugar keeps crashing. Any healthy tips?

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Aloha, I am a diabetic and alil overweight.  What my doctor advise me to do is to have some carbs daily.  My total intake is 45 grams am, 15 snack, 60 lunch, 30 snack, 60 dinner, and 30 snack.  This has helped me maintain my sugar level stable and my weight.  I am almost 18 weeks and had only gained 6 lbs.
also, always balance a carb with a protein. This will help you not gain all of the carb weight and keep it from overloading your body with glucose. 
Orange juice is something good to drink when your blood suger is low. It wil raise it just enough without over doing it.

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