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im alot sicker than my last 2 pregnancies could I b having twins?

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In my last 2 pregnancies I had two boys.I had morning sickness but not that bad so I thought to myself maybe its a girl this time.Then a week later I started showing. Im 2 months pregnant and look 5 or 6. With my last two kids I didnt show until my 7month this time im not so lucky. So does that mean im having twins or im having a girl? Please someone write back signed a very confused person........

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It could be twins. Or it could be just how you are carrying this baby. Every pregnancy is different, or so they say.My suggestion is ask your doctor about it. If he/she is willing, you can get an early ultrasound to see for sure.Good luck :)
Oh and I was a lot sicker this time.  Try to remember every pregnancy is different, just as every child is different.  With this last pregnancy, I had morning (all day in my case) sickness much longer than my previous two and MUCH worse!!!
It's possible, but I'm on pregnancy #3 as well.  I started showing EARLY!!!  And showing BIG!  I was afraid that it was twins as well.  My other kids (boys) are 5 and 3.  I still have all my maternity clothes from them and I can't fit into a piece of it.  You show faster the more pregnancies you have.  All three of my pregnancies have been very, very different and all are resulting in 1 child and the same sex...boy!  I asked my doctor about it because I am so big and she said with my body type it's not uncommon to show early on and to be so round right from the start.  I'm 30 weeks now and I've had people asking me for about 3 weeks if I'm having twins or if I'm due soon because my belly is so round.  Try not to stress out it or guess the sex, because neither one will get you anywhere.  Just like your last pregnancies, take it in stride and be calm about it.  You may just be like me and show early.  :)

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