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I'm in the beginning of my second trimester and I think I feel that baby

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, but how do I know what I feel is the baby or just my body reaction? I feel pressure but what do I know. Anybody remember how it felt when they first was pregnant.

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My first pregnancy I didn't know diddly about the changes in my body or what quickening felt like. Two weeks after I figured this had to be my body and that had to be the baby, I could see and feel my abdomen moving from the outside. But I've been through the changes a few times and read up on the baby's development since then and I thought I felt the baby around 13-14 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, don't be surprised if you're more than halfway through the pregnancy before you're fairly convinced you feel the baby.
The first time I was pregnant I thought that I felt the baby move the begining of my second trimester but at that point it's hard to tell whether it's the baby or just your body. At this point if you do manage to feel the baby move it's likely to feel like butterflies. The pressure you are feeling could just be your body changing, your body growing to make room for the growing baby.
You know the feeling you get when you have gas..... like little bubbles moving through your system, thats what my baby felt like in the very begining.  Its sort of a fluttering feeling, every day it gets a little stronger though so enjoy it while its soft:)

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