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im on birth control and havent had a period in two months is there something to worry about

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I have had the birth control implanon inserted in my left arm for an year. I have had an period every month since inserted. For the last two months I havent had my monthly. I have taken two pregnancy test and them both came back negative. Could it be Im worring to much?

answers (2)

With that type of birth control your periods can be irregular and unpredictable.  So odds are if pregnancy tests are coming back negative than it is normal.  You got lucky in the the first year and the side effects of the periods just showed up.  You should ask your gynecologist about this and they will make sure that everything is alright.
Agreed, ask your gyno. Don't forget that it takes about a year for your body to become adjusted to a birthcontrol type. I for one learned this lesson a while back. My headaches and nausea started a year after functioning normally on one type of birthcontrol. It takes time for the hormones to set in with your body.

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