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I'm carrying twins, and my friend recommend me to take DHA supplement for my twins babies?

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My friend experienced her pregnancy last two year and her baby born with a healthy, smart and look strong. As the DHA supplement is help to improve brain development so she recommended me to use the DHA for my pregnancy too.

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what i'm doing is taking the one a day brand prenatal vitamins, and they actually come with a vitamin and another "extra" pill with DHA and other substances to help brain development.
I took DHA with both of my previous 2 pregnancies, but I took the supplement in the 3rd trimester with them.  I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby now and my doctor has said to take DHA throughout this pregnancy, so my horse pill has my prenatal and DHA into one.  It's expensive, so I'm switching to a reg. prenatal and a DHA when I'm through with these.  It's doctor recommended.
I think DHA/EPA supplements are great.  My stepson is incredibly smart (he's 3, but knows more words than your average 6 year old), and my husband had his mother take DHA throughout her pregnancy because he'd done the research on how good it is.  I'm taking DHA/EPA daily now, too.  This is something that it's important to supplement, I think, unless you actually eat the recommended servings of fish every week (which is something that is mostly unattainable, as most people don't go to the fish market that often and tuna is almost off-limits to us...).

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