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Im confused on this...

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Okay so I had an ultrasound on october 29th which said I was 6 weeks, 1 day. I had NOT had my period in September I am 99% sure. I can not remember having one considering I would have had to buy tampons if I had and I didn't. My doctor put down a time when I should have had my period (September 13th) I for sure did NOT have it around this time, however he guessed conception on September 27th when I know for a fact it would have been on the 24th if it were in September, since that is when me and my boyfriend had intercourse (I know TMI sorry!!). How far along would I be right now from September 24th as my conception? And is it normal that I did not have a period? Im so confused, and my boyfriends mom thinks I am further because I had no period since August 16th or around then, but I don't think so cause the baby would have been bigger on my ultrasound right?. My periods are not normal and usually last 3 days or less. HELP ME PLEASE?!! Im sorry this is so long, but I don't understand the whole add on a week or two (my doctor added one) and not having a period and etc.... :(((

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I kinda know what you're talking about because when I got pregnant I was barely getting off of my birth control the implanon and so my conception was difficult for me to understand because I could have gotten pregnant any time after May 19-July 4.  So I was pretty confused. So far I have decided to trust my Dr. and believe that they know what 's best for me and my baby and they said that my due date is March 14 so that's what I'm going by.  If they say that you're conception date was Sept. 27 and you're thinking Sept. 24 then I would go with Sept. 27 and trust you're Dr. especially because it's only a 3 day difference and in reality the baby can come 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late. I hope this helps and good luck. 
I would definitely go by the ultrasound because it measures the baby and thats how they tell how far along you are. Drs can be very confusing at times but if they are going by measuring the baby I would listen to that. Nadia is right the due date is actually a guess and the baby comes when its ready. I hope I was of some help. Good luck sweetie! :) 
the ultrasound is a better thing to go by for the simple fact it shows the baby on screen and the doctors can see the development and size therefor they can tell how far a long you are. stress and other things could cause a missed period, you had a lot going on in that month...i remember you were stressed because you were here most of the time, not saying thats the for sure reason you skipped, but as far as being farther then the dr thinks its possible but usually the ultrasound is a good solid thing to go by. all due dates are are really guesses. at least the ultrasound shows the baby and how far along it is in development.
Thank you ALL OF YOU. Im pretty sure that makes me 8 weeks and 3 days now (going by my doctor). I can't wait for my next ultrasound!! Good luck to all of you :))
Wow. This is interesting, My significant other and I had intercorse on the twenty fouth and then to make sure we had intercorse on the twenty seventh. You are the second person who I have seen with the same dates as Me. *:} I feel so silly, but hey, for every single thing we do in the world, miles away somewhere else, someone else may have the same agenda. Congratulations and Good Luck with your Pregnancy!!!
Lohl that is so cool!! I had intercourse on the 24th, but my doctor said my conception is the 27th. How interesting. So we are on the same schedule so neat. Let me know what you have and when!!?? That would be really interesting if we had ours the same day. :)) Good luck to you too.

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