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I'm convinced my due date is wrong. But my doctor won't listen to me!

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My due date is set (based on a 7 week scan) for May 21, 2010. Which puts me at about 29 weeks. However, my last period was July 17 and I didn't have sex the ENTIRE month of August. Plus the fetal signs are off....most fetus weigh around 2 3/4 lbs at the end of 29 wks...Cooper alredy weighs 3 lbs 4 he's head down, I'm dialated 1 cm, and I passed my mucus plug and have been to L&D with persistent contractions twice. Help?!?

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I would go to another Dr and get a second opinion. Obviously, there is a discrepancy.
If you're last period was July 17th, than your due date would be April 23, 2010 (Friday). You will be 33 weeks along this coming Friday March 5th. You say that you didn't have sex the entire month of August, but based on your period (If you usually have a 28 day cycle) you would have conceived around July 30th or 31st. You can lose your mucous plug as early as the 6th month, but some women never lose it until delivery... that's not really a good indication of labor. The contractions you are having are most likey Braxton-Hicks, which are completely normal, nothing to worrry about.Babies gain most of their weight the last couple months of pregnancy, as you don't want to go into labor now at 33 weeks with a 3 lb baby! Unless you are having health issues, or there is some other concern for you baby, it is safe to go as long as 42 weeks pregnant. Having a longer pregnancy is also common with first babies. Hope this helps, and Congrats! :)
i would get a second opinion as well. Have you had an ultrasound?  Ultrasounds are usually very good at predicting the due date.  I, too, had my period in july 17 and due april 22, and have gone in for persistant contractions which did turn out to be just braxton hicks.  It may be possible that you are having a larger baby.  But like i said if you haven't had an ultrasound then i'd get a second opinion.
Thanks for your response :). This is my second baby...I got gestational diabetes with my first and had him 3 weeks early (he still weighed 7 lbs lol) and it never went away so I'm medicine controlled diabetic. Also, at 19 weeks I was told via ultrasound that Cooper has a 2 vein chord which usually results in a smaller baby, not larger. :/  I don't know if that makes a difference.
If you think you are farther along than the doc says, I wouldn't worry too much. The baby'll come when the baby is ready, no? If the reverse were true, it'd be a problem because the doc would be wanting to induce before you believed you were at full term.
Well our dates are pretty close together. My last period was July 21st which gave me a due date of April 27th.

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