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I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant (1st child) and I feel a bit depressed because of the weight I've gained. Is that normal for 1st time mom's?

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Don't get me wrong, I am soo thrilled and happy to be pregnant and cannot wait for my bundle of joy. However, yesterday I went shopping for the 1st time in a long time and I felt confused because I didn't know if to buy the clothes that fit me now, or get a size (or 2) larger. I talked to my husband on how I felt but I want to know if it's common. Thanks!

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The problem with buying clothes that are a few sizes too big is that they wont fit right or be flattering to you while you are pregnant.  If you are already feeling self contious about your weight gain, wait and buy maternity clothes instead of clothes that are too big.  There are so many styles that make you look cute pregnant rather than just looking baggy. 15-17 weeks were the hardest for me because I've always had a flat stomach and I was just putting on enough weight to look chubby, not pregnant.  So I was super worried about it and kept asking my husband if I looked pregnant, not just chunky. So I started to wear clothes that accentuated my growing belly. Skinny jeans, tops with half sleeves and strechy fabrics made my belly stand out.  Also baby-doll style tops helped make my little tummy stand out (and my larger breasts).  I also wear long shirts that smooth the line from belly to pants that accentuate where the baby is sitting.  I still carry fairly low, so it may be different for others, but it made people start asking "when are you due," rather than wondering if it would be rude to say anything.I would say if you NEED new clothes get ones that fit, but keep in mind that they wont fit for long.  But if you can wait, get maternity clothes.  That way you don't have to buy two new sets of clothes for your expanding middle.  I'm almost 20 weeks and my jeans still fit me everywhere except my middle.  But I use a hair elastic or rubberband to hold the button together and get long shirts just incase :).  There are lots of things you can buy and wear the whole time you are pregnant, (shirts, dresses etc.) just hold them out from your tummy a foot to make sure you have growing space. You just don't want to get clothes that make you feel worse about yourself.Plus you don't know what your body will do after your baby.  I know people who hold onto the extra weight for a long time and then others who have the excess melt off in no time.  So if you buy new clothes that are a bit big, and you are one of the lucky few and the pounds drop in no time you are stuck with a bunch of jeans that don't fit.  If you hold onto the weight, you may be fortunate enough not to have to buy new clothes because the larger ones fit you now.  It's really less of a gamble to wait and see how your body changes before you buy clothes.Hope this helps!
I had always been short and petite, so when I visited the doctor and saw that I was up 13 pounds from my original pre-pregnancy weight, I nearly fell over!  I had to keep telling myself, "You're pregnant!  The weight gain is normal!"  Here I am at 18 weeks and the weight is just coming on out of nowhere!  It's just feels awkward when nothing seems to fit and you just feel chubby instead of pregnant.I remember feeling at 15 weeks that I looked like I had a lot of  belly fat instead of a pregnant belly, so I wore maternity pants (they were just more comfortable at that point) and a few materntiy tops that I found on sale that just looked blousy instead of baggy or too big for me.  I made sure that these tops could accomodate my belly as it gets bigger, but that they didn't make me look like I was wearing a pup tent either!  Just be selective with what you buy and don't buy too much.  Half of these clothes will end up in bins in the basement next year!Good luck with your pregnancy!!
Thank you for your feedback. I feel a lot better now.
there are still some days that i just feel fat rather than pregnant, and i am currently 21 weeks! if you feel that you are ready for maternity clothes, i would ask around with family and friends before you buy too much due to items being very pricey. good luck! 
i have trouble with weight gaining... but when my doctor told me i wasn't gaining any weight i got scared and thought something was wrong with the baby... then i found out it was because of wear all i did was valmit and now i am eating alot and i think i have gained like 20 pounds in just two weeks and its really scary but i am just happy that i am eating.. i want my baby to be healthy

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