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Im expecting my first baby and was wondering what basic items do i need?

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Hi, I know alot of first time moms that have bought everything they laid there eyes on, every kind of toy and furniture item out there and they didnt end up using half of it. Since im on a tight budget, i was wondering what u absolutly need for the first few months. Also i was wondering how much clothes you should get and should i get them all up to 6 months? Thanks so much! shay

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Let's see the essential items without all the extra's would be bottles, unless you are going to be home with the baby all the time and breastfeeding, a few outfits and I recommend if your budget is tight buy them a little big because they grow through sizes in a matter of weeks, diapers, wipes, a bathtub for the baby, some blankets and towels and at least two sets of sheets for the baby's cradle or crib.  Alos, you'll need essentials like baby wash, powder, diaper rash cream. A swing or bouncy chair is very helpful to most moms as well. Basically if you go to a store like babies r us they give you a list of what people commonly register for.  You could use that as a guide and just cut out the non essentials like wipe warmers or electric bottle warmers because you definately don't need those type of items, they are more about convenience. Oh and don't forget a carseat!

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