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Im a first time mom and im woried, im not feeling to well down there i get really itchy, and i cant stand it .Im to scared to ask my doctor .And i have another question, im six months pregnant and i want to make my husband happy but it hurts why is that?

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Pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections, which could explain the itchiness.  Don't be afraid to ask your doctor, I'm sure they've heard much worse.
I agree with what was said above...also in response to your other question, the way the baby is situated as well as increased blood flow "down there" can make intimacy uncomfortable. You may have to try different positions until you find one that works or you may need to find different ways to make him happy. : ) Good luck!
I agree with the other ladies about the yeast infections.. I had never gotten one before getting pregnant and I was afraid to ask but once I did they told me how common they were and gave me an antibiotic that cleared it right up. And I had problems with being able to have sex during the third trimester in my last pregnancy as well. The dr told us to try using lots of lube and to try different positions.. unfortunatly nothing helped the best.. my problem was more that once we were done having sex I would hurt and be swollen down there.. so we were just careful and it was one of those things that I decided was worth it since we were going to be going without for 6 weeks after the baby was here haha.. good luck and I hope that it works.
Yeast infections can make sex more uncomfortable, so that could be contributing to that problem, as well.
I have heard you produce more of a discharge when your pregnant. Too much moisture can make you itch and maybe its not a full blown yeast infection. try carrying around baby wipes with you to keep yourself clean and dry down there. you can even use a panty liner to keep moisture off your skin. there are also other products out there to battle itching but i'm not sure if they are safe to use in pregnancy...def. ask your Dr. thats why they're there.
You really should go to the doctor for this. I had a yeast infection for the first time earlier in my pregnancy and thought I had another one. When I went to the doctor he told me I had Bacterial Vaginosis the symptoms are alot like a yeast infection but this is an infectinon that you will need antibiotics and can cause preterm labor. I know its embarassing but its for the saftey of the little one. Not to mention if you do not get a simple yeast infection taken care of and you deliver your baby with one he/she can be born with thrush. Good luck!! and I feel your pain :S
Also, it's important to get any infections cleared up quick - if  you let it go for a long time, it could get up into your uterus.  Doctors have heard much, much worse, I guarantee it.  Did  you know that midwives bring tiny fish nets (the kind  you use in a fish tank) with them when they use a water-birthing pool?  They use them to scoop up the tiny turds that are totally inevitable during labor.  So yeah, your doc has heard worse. As for the sex, I agree with everyone on here.  Number one thing is to listen to your body - it'll tell you if you shouldn't be in a position.  After that, try to have fun.  You're probably hurting because of the infection, so clear that up first, then go for it :)

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