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im a first time mom whats HEALTHY to eat??

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its my first baby and i crave all the foods im not supose to eat, my family likes to eat alot of fajitas tortillas but idk if thats bad to eat, never really ate healthy but other preg moms told me that can cause diabetes is that true?? *confused*

answers (3)

some women do get gestational diabetes but not all..dont  stop eating the things u really like but dont eat unhealthy food as often..try eating salads and fruit also.. i know its hard because i looovve fatty foods but i try..keyword try..not to eat them as much..doesnt always work will be tested for diabetes later on in ur pregnancy anyway
well it can sometimes but most of the time it will not cause you to get diabetes i ask my docter what i could eat when iwas pregnant and she gave me a list of things that i should eat >>>>>>>>,fruit salads,salads with chicken,apples,omletes,grapes,otmeal,veggi crackers,tomato soup,and spagetti, she said those were all things that i should try to fit into my diet and i was also worried about diabetes and she said that cinnamon will help prevent diabetes
Check with your doctor they usually give you a list of what's encouraged to eat more of and what to avoid.  Fruits, veggies, fiber are all great to eat.  I love fatty foods too like jess and crave them with this little one so it's a struggle to limit them.  but like they said eat in moderation and you will be fine.  Do try to avoid foods that are super high in sodium, a lot of frozen meals are, so a ramen noodles and sports drinks. 

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