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Im getting 7-8 week sign of pregnancy but my Dr says Im 4-5 weeks

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Im getting 7-8 week sign of pregnancy but my Dr says Im 4-5 weeks based on my last period. Iv had Tender boobs, Moodswings, Nausea, Cravings, Headachs, and peeing ALOT... My first appt is november 23. I took 2 pregnancy test one in the night and one in the morning and both were positive. The thing is for 5 months of trying to get pregnent Iv had 2 periods and all test were negative. But this month Iv had none so I think this time it could be. Could my last period may not of been a period at all but small miscarrige. Should I count my frist period. I want to speed up the check up to see who far along can I REALLY be.

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Just be calm.  At your first appointment your doctor usually does an ultrasound and that will confirm how far along you actually are.  It's normal to be off by a week or so depending on when your last period was.  I'm not really sure what you should count, if you doctor is saying 4-5 weeks along then go with that for now and you should get confirmation at your first appointment.  I think its' really had to say when your periods were not regular to begin with.  Waiting for that first appointment always seems to take forever, hang in there and time will fly by!  :)
dont worry to much about the symptoms..i havent really had any, just some sore breast in the first month or two and then it went away, and nausea went away after a week and only have been sick one..dont gage ur pregnancy by sympoms..once they do the ultrasound u wil know deff how far along u r..
i have a trick too.o u may not like it but if u go into the er with cramping and say ur really nervouse they should do an ultrasound and when they do that ask how far along u really ar..and get an early pic of ur baby..i have an aunt who works at a hospital so she told me to do that lol
haha ive heard tons of people do that... =) But i didnt go to the dr til i was like 15 weeks... I know thats bad. but i was so scared of them but did take my prenantal. =) Yeah I wouldnt worry about it til you have your first appt.. and Good luck =D
every pregnancy is different!! don't base it on the symptoms, like they said, just wait until the appointment. or you could go into the er like jessandmike08 said, we went to the er at midnight last night cuz my best friend really was cramping, but turns out the baby looks fine, and she was able to find out shes 6 weeks and 2 days, and she still has her prenatal appt tomorrow to look forward too.

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