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Im going 8 week of pregnancy,,what can i take for migraine?

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My migraine is killing me,,what can i take for migraine? what are the non pharmaclogical remedies for migraines?what can i do to avoid migraines?

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You should ask your doctor what you can take for migraines.  There's a whole list of medications that are not safe for a pregnant woman to take.  My cousin has very bad migraines and had to get a certain prescription for them.  Try to stay hydrated, but other than that I don't know anything that can help.  Sorry!  :(
I get bad migraines, have ever since age 8 (I'm 29).  My doctor told me to take two Tylenol with a caffinated drink every four hours, just not exceeding eight Tylenol per day.  She also gave me a prescription for Lortab in case it is bad, but they make me sick (never have before).  The nurse at my doctor's office also told me you can alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen during your second trimester, but I am going to see if the doctor can give me a prescription for something on Friday, as Tylenol just isn't working and now I get physically sick with every Migraine.  Hope you find something that works!  Migraines are the worst, pregnant or not.
I had migrains with my son, so bad that I was throwing up and couldnt keep anything down. I told my dr and she perscribed me something for it but the side effects were like fetal diformities and stuff like that so I only took them when I was throwing up bad which was mayb once or twice, and my kid turned out fine.

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