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im gonna be 20 weeks on Nov. 4th and im still not showing

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I'm a small individual (standing at 4'11) and ithought I'd be showing already... it looks like igained weight and that's it. Does that mean my baby isn't growing right or that theirs something wrong??

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Don't stress!  You are only half way there, plenty of time to grow and show!!!  If you are showing like you've gained some weight and this is your first pregnancy then this is probably a normal progression for you.  Everyone is different.  I wouldn't not worry at all that your baby isn't growing right.  At 20 weeks it's still a pretty small little person.  If your doctor isn't worried then you shouldn't be either.  If you haven't had the growth ultrasound where they measure the baby's legs, head, tummy and check for organs then you will and that will probably help put your fears to rest about your baby.  You'll start showing soon too, you'll probably wake up one day and realize your belly is so round you can't see your feet anymore.  It can happen just that fast.  The more times you get pregnant the faster you show and look pregnant.  First pregnancies tend to hide a little longer.  I'm sure everything is fine.  You keep doing what you are doing, but if you really are worried voice your concerns to your doctor, because really they are the only ones who can tell you what's going on with you and your baby!  :)
i wouldnt worry.. asm lomg as u hear ur babys heartbeat at every appt and the doc doesnt see any 21 weeks and arent that big either..but were 20 weeks in and 20 left to grow..the baby right now can fit in ur cupped hands so thats pretty tiny..he/she grows alot between months 6-9 so dont worry u will get there!
I agree with the others so far, if your doctor isn't concerned then you probably shouldn't be either. I'm almost 15 weeks and I am showing a little, but this is my second child. I was just like you during my first, people thought I was lying about being pregnant until I was about 7 months. If you ever decide to have another one, watch how quicky you begin to show.

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