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I'm having a boy. What do you think of the name Ryleigh Layne?

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Ryleigh as the first name, and Layne as the middle name. Also, do you have any other suggestions? I want something that has been heard of, but, not common at all.

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I love boy names lol naming mine, Mark Bentley... though I do not like mark but my husband got to pick that lol.... Beckham is cute, Boman, brodee, Dane, Holt, Tate, Zane.... These are ones i like... I know to many girls named ryleigh,,, but I like layne.. We are having our first son and we already have our next kid names picked out lol... if we have a boy next it will be Lance Rush... Hope you like these and not to weird =)
I like Zane, but my mom and I are having issues over the name. She wants me to name him Noah.. and i like it, but, im not too sure about it... I really liked ryliegh though.. I'm curious what eveyone thinks about the name i like, because if i go to my mom, she'll want it to be something else.. but he's my son. I'm confused.. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but she needs to know when she's getting in the way too much.
Ryleigh Layne is a girl's name to me. The more Ys and -leighs in a name, the more feminine it becomes. While Riley is a unisex name, and popular for boys and girls, it is more popular for girls. If you're going to name a boy Riley, use the simpler spelling and pair it with a more masculine middle name. Landon? Lucas? Lawrence? And don't let someone else pick your kid's name - if you don't like the name you'll end up resenting that person every time you have to call your child's name.
I really like your suggestion of Landon, but as a first name.. but if i use it as a first name, what would be some good suggestions for a middle name?
Landon JamesLandon ScottLandon ZaneTry this website, it's really fun!  If you know the first or middle name you want to use, it will pick names that sound well with the other and your last name.  Or if you can't decide at all, use just your last name it will pop up first and middle name choices that sound good too., I agree with the other posters that it looks like a girls name to me.  Riley Lane doesn't - it looks like a little boys name though.  My 2nd son is Riley Scott.  :)
I had a huge issue with the name Mark. It is my husband fathers name... I did not want to name him after him at all!!! After several months of going back a forth ugh! lol I came up with Bentley... Which he will go by his middle name... It is your son. Do NOT let them tell you what to name him.. as long as you love it thats all... everyone else will get use to it. =) My mom and grandma don not like the name Mark Bentley but since we came up with it we say it around them a lot so they are use to it now.. And once that little boy comes no one will aruge over his name... just who gets to hold him more lol.. good luck
with the first name landon, what do you think about the middle names chase, ryleigh, or michael.  Or maybe the first name Sebastian?
I think that it comes down to what you like.. We are having a little boy this time and naming him Dominic Richard.. Dominic I like just ecause like you said it is different but not unheard of... I like the name Landon too how about landon james? I think its a cute name but if you changed the spelling to Riley then it definitly looks more masculine and since you were so excited abotu the name Riley before that would be a good way to compromise.. dont let anyone else try to tell you what to name your little boy its your choice.. Good luck and just remember that changing the spelling of something can make it more unique as well.. our daughter is named Maddison.. which is more of a common name but not with the 2 D's which is why I did it lol.. good luck =)
thank you so much. I know that it comes down to what I like, but I'm open to some suggestions, because who knows? someone could suggest a first or middle name, that I'll fall in love with.
Michael is my husbands name lol i love it =) i like the name landon and chase =) also chance i knew a little boy he was the best lol


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